Rust In Piece Distro
has been created to support D.I.Y culture within the
leftradical scene. Our goal is to create a place to give
equal acces to everyone to self made creation, out of
the capitalist system.
We offer to artists/activists a space to expose their
creations, self made products, musical realeases and
we distribute it for them ; we are a no-profit collectiv,
and are all volunteers, acting by and for our passion
and devolepment to this subculture.

But „no-profit“ doesn‘t mean „yes-deficit“…!!
Considering that sadly creating costs money nowdays,
we need to cover basic costs of production, in order to
give it back to the artists, labels, printers supporting
the project.

For example, we get the musical material from different
DIY labels over europe on deposit, for a price around
their basic cost of production ; we (as a collective decision
and with total agreement with the labels/distros) raise
the price of a minimum.
This „benefit“ is use to pay our „rent“ and electricity to
the houseprojekt in which the local is based. Also soliparties
or bar evenings help us to get a little bit of money in box
for developing the place ; when the rent is paid, the extra
money is use then to print fanzines, record mixtapes, etc
which are then offered for donations (in order to print/
record/… more then). We are willing to give money to
small DIY leftradical projects as fanzines, tape labels,
to support moneywise the cost of production : so if you‘re
too broke to realease your projekt, try to ask us if we can
help !! But don‘t make profit with it!

The direction of the project is essentially covering anarcho-
punk-hardcore and crust; this is what came at first because
this is the scene we are evolving in.

But DIY isn‘t close by any kind of borders, so as long as the
productions/artists and the message behind are leftradical
politicaly aware, we are open to other kind of
musical material, other topics, other underground movement !

So feel welcome to bring your tapes, artworks, LPs/7″/CDs,
Demo of your band, fanzines, selfprinted shirts and participate
to the project !!

Rust In Piece crew, january 2010.


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distros/bands/freaks/wholesalers get in contact…

*leftradical means to us to fight against rascism, sexism, fascism, homophobia and the state!